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Our projects

Woodstock Leasor Warszawa (WLW) experts specialise in public relations management and strategy, public awareness campaigns, market and opinion research, and marketing services for media companies.

  • PKN ORLEN SA (2000 - 2003, advisory services for investor relations and public relations departments, media and internet analyses)

  • PTC Era (from 2005 on - consulting for management board, support in crisis management and communications, development of public relations strategy, contacts with media)

  • J.W. Construction Holding (from 2005 on - implementation of public relations program, media monitoring, contacts with journalists and customers)

  • Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogoczne (2004 - 2005, advising during launches of new magazines, support for "Świat Nauki", Polish edition of "Scientific American")

  • Local Press Association (from 2005 on - information campaign addressed at media market, development and promotion of new umbrella brand "Tygodnik Lokalny", Local Weekly, contact with journalists and clients)

  • Aventis CropScience (2001 - 2003, strategic PR advice, communications programme on internet, media and internet monitoring)

  • Coca-Cola Poland Services (2003 - 2005, monitoring of press and Internet)

  • AQUA SA - PR strategy, support for establishing PR department, staff training, preparation of annual report, media and internet analyses

  • Centralny Dom Maklerski Pekao S.A. (Central Brokerage House Pekao S.A.) - public relations programme for Treasury bonds (1998 - 1999)

  • Fujitsu Europe - incentive scheme for LifeBook portable computers addressed at Fujitsu partners in Poland

  • SIMPLE SA - media relations with computer and economic journalists, information materials for clients, investor relations (1997 - 2000)

We have also rendered services for:

  • Wydawnictwo Murator (2003 - 2004, marketing and public relations services for construction and interior design periodicals)

  • Tchibo Warszawa (strategic advisory services in the field of corporate communications)

  • IBM Polska (information activities for its trade partners)

  • BRE MultiBank (retail division of BRE Bank) - public relations programme launching retail operation of BRE Bank

  • DELECTA SA (survey on internal communication and development of internal communication programme)

  • International Water (UK) Ltd.

  • and others.

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